Fringe Festival always welcomes new directors. It’s part of our mission. We are here to help you through the process of producing your show whether this is your first production or hundredth.

Some FAQ’s:

1: Stay connected.  You can get all the information you need by regularly checking this website, coming to OnStage meetings, joining our email list, and checking the Facebook page. If you have questions, visit our Contact Page.

2: Proposals for Fringe projects are due just after Winter Break every January.

3: Yeah! We do hold general auditions! No! You don’t have to use them!

4: We usually allot funding of $0-300 for newer directors, and up to $600 for more experienced directors.  There are no set numbers on this, this is just usually how it pans out.

5: No! We do NOT give preference to any directors.  We judge directors and their productions off of their past experience and productions as well as their proposal. Attending OnStage meetings does NOT guarantee your projects admission to Fringe Festival.

6: As a part of Fringe Festival Directors get access to the Theatre&Dance Properties, Scenery, and Costume storage for their productions.

And here’s some advice we always give directors after they are accepted:

Fringe Festival Rules


  • NO ALCOHOL (or any other controlled substances). Any inebriated participant will be asked to leave, regardless of how it will affect performances, and any alcohol found in the building will be reported to campus police. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • No nailing, stapling, screwing, spiking anything to the theatre spaces
  • No use of any adhesives on the walls that hasn’t been previously approved.
  • No painting of any borrowed set pieces or any surface in the building.
  • No food or drink in performance spaces. (Unless it’s an approved prop for your show.)
  • No rehearsals past 1AM.
  • No rigging or hanging anything without approval.
  • No changing your show’s technical aspects after your final tech rehearsal.



  • Report any casting changes to your festival liaisons.
  • Directors are expected to run the lights and/or sound board for their shows (or find someone to do it for them). But don’t worry! We’ll train you on how and a technician will be there to troubleshoot!
  • Clean up after yourself! Lots of people are using the spaces.
  • Take good care of anything you borrow from the department. Don’t abuse your props or costumes, and follow costume care guidelines. YOU WILL BE CHARGED FOR DAMAGES
  • Clean any borrowed costumes that get dirty and replace any props that get broken.
  • Leave 3 or more emergency exits accessible in the Loft at all times.
  • Be sure to say ‘Please’ and ‘Thank you.’ Everyone’s working very hard, so it’s great to keep things courteous and respectful!
  • ALL Fringe Festival Participants must participate in Volunteer Hours and Strike
  • Use the resources OnStage provides. We’re here to help!
    • We have FULL access to CU’s Costume, Properties and Scenery Storage!

Advice for Fringe Directors


  • OnStage is always welcoming to new directors, so if you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, feel free to come to us for help any time! (Seriously. We get bored up here.)
  • Overworked actors aren’t happy actors, and happy actors perform better. Keep your rehearsal schedules reasonable. Your stage managers will help with this.
  • Keep close track of your show’s running time, it’ll affect a lot of how your show runs with the rest of the festival.
  • Keep a close eye on all aspects of your show. It’s easy to let something get out of hand if you’re not watching.
  • Respect the time you are given for the Festival, your time slot includes set-up, running of the show, and tear-down. We will decide on your time slot closer to the Festival.
  • Use the resources we offer you out of the theater (Gateway prop stores, costumes, etc.). It’s all there for you, and it’s free!
  • If Gateway has a prop or set piece that you need, it’s free to use. If you buy something, we can reimburse you, and the piece will belong to OnStage at the end of the festival.
  • OnStage markets Fringe Festival as a whole, but you can still advertise your show with your own resources.
  • If you have merch to sell, go for it!
  • Expect the unexpected! This is a non-traditional festival and things can be VERY hard to predict.
  • Attend OnStage meetings to keep up on what’s going on behind the scenes at the festival.
  • Directors are required to be at all technical rehearsals.
  • Don’t be afraid to delegate if you need to. An over-stressed director is not an effective one.
  • Talk to your Festival Liaisons about any personnel issues you have.
  • Keep in touch with your Festival Liaisons; they’re here to help you.
  • One more time: OnStage is here to help! If you have any questions or concerns please please please feel free to come to your Festival Liaisons for help and answers!

Rehearsal Guidelines

  • No rehearsals past 1AM.
  • Rehearsals should not be detrimental to your cast members’ academic performance
  • Directors will be responsible for running their sound/light boards or finding someone to run them. Prepare for this in advance. If you need help finding someone, talk to your Fringe Liaisons. Keep this in mind during your rehearsal process.
  • Schedule your rehearsals at least 4 days in advance.
  • You can check out rehearsal spaces in the building with your Festival Liaisons and/or stage manager. Please check out these spaces at least 4 days in advance, or as soon as possible. Spaces will fill up, so get in there early!
  • Keep your rehearsal schedules as regular as possible.
  • Plan your rehearsals around your actors’ availability.
  • You will have at least 4 hours (in separate blocks) in your space with technical support for tech week.
  • OnStage representatives will occasionally check in on rehearsals to see how things are going.