From the Constitution

From the CU-OnStage Constitution

Article 7

Section 5: Directors of Fringe Festival productions will:

1: submit a completed, President approved, Proposal Packet to CU-Onstage

A: Incomplete proposals will not be considered

2: submit at least a sample script, score or design along with their proposal

A: must submit a completed script, score, or design three weeks in advance of Fringe Festival

3: will attend any interviews and meetings the Board requires of them

4: will abide by all CU-OnStage, University, Local, State, and Federal Laws, Policies and Mandates.  Commitment to this statement will be legally sealed with a signature at the bottom of a copy of the CU-OnStage constitution, notarized by the Secretary

5: commit to producing their project for Fringe Festival upon agreeing to their budget with the Treasurer and signing the CU-OnStage Constitution

6: at any time, be able to petition the board to be removed from Fringe Festival.  An Officer of CU-OnStage may petition on behalf of a Director. Any project pulled from production without a petition will qualify a lifetime ban from management positions within CU-OnStage for the directors of said project

7: approve all scenery, props and costumes with a CU-OnStage approved Stage manager

8: treat all their performers, technicians, CU-OnStage members, University Faculty and audiences with respect towards all characteristics of the human condition which do not threaten the safety and well being of others

9: not allow their projects to exceed the time limit approved by CU-OnStage

10: not request money from their cast, crew, University faculty, Stage Managers, or audiences

A: directors may request their performers to purchase certain props or costumes.  This request must be made prior to the performer’s casting.

10: print the CU-OnStage logo as the producing partner on all promotional media

11: enforce Article II, Section 5

12: must inform CU-OnStage if their production is for mature audiences only, prior to releasing the Press Release