Deadlines (Fringe ’15)

Please send requested information to your liaison.

UT Mainstage: Nathan Ellgren
Loft Theatre: Ben Sardinsky
Acting Studio: Keana Cowden


March 11 (Wednesday)

Props List (Anything not found at Gateway can be purchased by directors)

Updated Cast List (including all students participating in the production and their roles)

The anticipated run time for your show

March 21st

Special Technical Requests (Special lighting, a projector, special sound)

Costume Lists (Anything not found in the theatre’s costume stock can be purchased by directors)

April 26 (Sunday)

Strike: All FF participants must attend strike after Sunday’s last show

Every Space is to be cleaned and returned to a state that is better than when we entered it.

No one is allowed to leave until given approval by either the Fringe Coordinator, a Liaison, or the OnStage President