Our Constitution


Table of Contents


Article 1: The Name and Logo of CU-OnStage

Article 2: General Outline Of CU-OnStage

Article 3: Positions of CU-OnStage

Article 4: Protocol for Meeting Exercises

Article 5: Financial Practice of CU-OnStage

Article 6: Amendments

Article 7: Fringe Festival



The students of CU Theatre and Dance established CU-OnStage in 1997 in order to represent, support, and promote the Performing Arts Community on the Campus of the University of Colorado at Boulder.

Article 1:

Section 1: The name of CU-OnStage will be addressed and inscribed exclusively as written here.

The logo for CU-OnStage is subject to change at the beginning of each Academic Year by a majority vote of the Board, based on necessary updates.

Article 2:

Section 1: Our goals are to create opportunities that are not otherwise available to students, to emphasize both process and product oriented works, and to foster an accessible, inspiring, and diverse arts community on campus. CU-OnStage works in three general Capacities.

Paragraph 1: CU-OnStage provides support for facility and design costs for student performances outside of Fringe Festival.  In this capacity, students of the University of Colorado Boulder Campus may submit a Project Proposal Form to the CU-OnStage Board.  The Board will allot funding for the project if

1:it is judged by the Treasurer as affordable for CU-Onstage and is in accordance with Article VI

2: the Treasurer has reviewed the project’s budget and determined it reasonable

3: the project is in accordance to all University, Local, State, and Federal laws, mandates and policies[i]

4: a majority of the CU-OnStage Board votes to allot funding

5: the director prints CU-OnStage’s logo as the production sponsor, on all marketing and public relations material

Paragraph 2: CU-Onstage will sponsor the annual Fringe Festival.  CU-Onstage will advertise to and accept project applications from any and all students on the University of Colorado Boulder Campus. CU-OnStage will fund, house, and provide technical support for all approved productions.  Productions will be approved and funding allotted based on:

1: Accordance to Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 1, 1-4

2: CU-OnStage’s technical [and financial] capabilities to produce the production

3: CU-OnStage will promote a diverse Festival weekend, featuring as many productions of each individual artistic discipline, without sacrificing quality of production.

A full outline of Fringe Festival Proceedings is available in Article VIII

Paragraph 3: CU-OnStage will provide a diverse and educational season of Guest Artists, Workshops, and Master Classes for students of the University of Colorado Boulder

1:The Education Director will oversee all Guest Artists, Workshops and Master Classes presented by CU-OnStage

2: The Educational Director will present an array of choices to the CU-OnStage Board, these opportunities will be approved by a majority vote.

3: Educational opportunities may be free-of-charge or charge students. These opportunities may not collect revenue for CU-OnStage unless clearly stated to payees before payment.

Paragraph 4: CU-Onstage will award a merit based scholarship at the end of each year to a University of Colorado Boulder.  The award amount and awardee will be determined by the President and approved by the Officers

Section 2: CU-OnStage will work to create a diverse season every year, doing as much as possible to have a balance between all the individual disciplines of art on CU’s Campus. CU-OnStage will not operate in a bias towards any discipline.  CU-OnStage will work each year to promote and advertise openings in the Board and Officers to all disciplines of art on the University of Colorado at Boulder Campus.  CU-Onstage will always seek equality amongst its Board Members and Officers between all disciplines of art on the University of Colorado at Boulder Campus

Section 2b: Disciplinary Arts will hereby by defined as: Dance, Theatre, Film, Music, and Visual Art.

Section 3: CU-OnStage will not discriminate based on race, sexual orientation, gender, age, creed, area of study, or any other characteristics of the human condition that does not threaten the safety or well being of others.

Section 4: CU-OnStage will adhere to all University, Local, State, and Federal Laws, Policies and Mandates. CU-OnStage is a student group receiving mandatory student fees. Money will automatically be deposited in the Student Organization Finance Office (SOFO) to create a referendum account.  As a mandatory fee account, the organization will follow policies found in the Student Fee Regulations. Since student fees are also state funds, other policies will also be adhered to, including rules of the Committee on Use of University Facilities (CUUF), State of Colorado Fiscal Rules, and Financial Services Policies and Procedure.  CU-OnStage is also an agency group requesting an association with the University for fund raising purposes.

Section 5: CU-Onstage will not tolerate any intoxicating substance or intoxicated person within its activities.  If a participant is found to be intoxicated, the participant will be removed from the activity. Any member of CU-OnStage reserves the right to report substance abuse to local and University Authorities.  Persons in violation of the above will not be allowed in future CU-OnStage activities.

Section 6: There are no exceptions to Section 3-6. Section 3-6 are not amendable except by a 100% Board vote and the signed approval of the Department chair currently housing CU-OnStage.

Article 3:

Section 0: The items of this article are to be agreed–with signature–upon, each year by the students assuming the roles in each position.  Sections 3-11 of this Article may be amended without notation with the approval of The President and current Officer.

Section 1: The Board

1: The Board will consist of all voting members of CU-OnStage (see article V).

2: Students join the Board of CU-OnStage by attending three consecutive meetings

3: At the discretion of the President and Vice President, any person may sit on in a Board meeting and contribute, however will not be able to vote.

4: A Board Member may be removed from voting privileges by the Board with a ¾ vote.  He/she may be reinstated with a ¾ vote of the board.

Section 2: The Officers:

1: must be elected by a majority vote of the Board

2: may be terminated at any time by a majority vote of the Board

3: must be voting members of OnStage before election

4: may exceed and add to the requirements of their positions as laid out in this document.  CU-OnStage is an educational program for all its participants and encourages its officers to innovate and creatively advance their roles within the Art’s Community

5: Officers are accountable for insuring the completion of their constitutionally and Board assigned tasks

6: the President and Vice President will be elected at the end of each academic year, all other officers will be elected at the beginning of the next academic year. All Officers wishing to continue their role for additional years must be re-elected.

Section 3: The following outlines the Officer positions of CU-OnStage

Paragraph 1: The President, upon election, commits to one year and a half to CU-OnStage. The first year, performing the roles of president, and the last half performing the role of advisor to the next president.

Paragraph 2:

The President will:

1: Oversee all the proceedings of the CU-OnStage Board and CU-OnStage in an executive role

2: be accountable for all CU-OnStage actions and activities

3: create and manage CU-OnStage’s yearly goals

4: build the annual calendar, using the CU-OnStage email account

5: work as a liaison between University Faculty and CU-OnStage

6: approve and edit all material released by CU-OnStage

7: approve and edit any grants and requests for funding

8: approve and edit the Treasurer’s annual budget

9: write the Fringe Festival Contract with CU-Theatre and Dance

10: hire technical crew and Head Technician for Fringe Festival

11: Announce positions and change of positions in CU-OnStage

12: Determine Scholarship Award and Recipient

13: Award CU-OnStage’s Outstanding Student Award, approved by the Vice-President

Paragraph 2: The Vice President will:

1: procure food donations for the CU-OnStage concessions at CU Theatre and Dance Performances.

A: Water will be purchases through the SOFO General Account, and sold for profit

2: develop contacts within Dance, Music, Film, Left Right Tim Improv, and Visual Art in order to create an equitable CU-OnStage

3: shoulder the responsibilities of the President in his/her absence

4: insure that CU-OnStage is operating in accordance to the Constitution, and oversee and bring to vote all proposals of changing the constitution

5: coordinate the annual Swing Dance Event and Arts Mixer

6: work with Treasurer to produce Fundraisers

Paragraph 3: The Secretary will:

1: record minutes for every CU-OnStage meeting

2: maintain a copy and printing account with CU Theatre and Dance

3: print all materials needed for meetings

4: check for event conflicts on the University of Colorado Events Calendar, CU-OnStage Calendar, and Art Departmental Calendars

5: compile, organize and maintain the CU-Onstage Contact List.  The list will take contributions from other Officers and will consist of all contacts used and useful to CU-OnStage

6: asses the majority vote number for every meeting.

Paragraph 4: The Education Director will:

1: oversee all educational events (Guest Artists, Workshops, Master Classes)

2: compile Board and student suggestions for Educational events

3: lead discussion and vote with Board to decide on educational events

4: work with Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator to advertise events

5: organize the weekly CU-OnStage Artist Workouts

6: insure a diverse and inter-disciplinary education season

Paragraph 5: The Fringe Festival Director will oversee the production of the Annual Fringe Festival, including:

1: Run a meeting at the beginning and end of each academic year with Department Chair, Technical Director, and CU-OnStage Faculty Sponsor of Theatre and Dance to address the previous year and changes for the upcoming year.

2: writing (with the President) the Fringe Festival Contract with CU Theatre and Dance

3: assemble, distribute and collect the Proposal Packet

4: present proposals to the board and run the meeting to vote on projects

5: insure a diverse and inter-disciplinary Fringe Festival

6: solve rehearsal conflicts between productions

7: creating the performance schedule

8: building, with the Head Technician the Technical rehearsal Schedule, beginning one week before opening

9: working  with the Volunteer Coordinator to determine House Management Staff

10: being present for the technical rehearsal week and Festival weekend to address problems and emergencies

11: will purchase the rights to all productions that require it

12: Can only be involved in .5 units of Fringe Shows

Paragraph 6: The Fringe Festival Company Liaisons will:

0: Fringe Liaison will be defined as 1 representative managing the Mainstage and hallways and 1 representative managing the loft and acting studio

1: schedule and be present for Festival auditions

2: assemble company contact list

3: assemble studio art projects for the Festival weekend

4: Liasons coordinate costume rental through CU Costume Department

5: Collect prop requests, set requests, seating arrangement requests, and all other production related requests insuring that the necessary items are included in the Festival Contract. Work as a liaison between the Head Technician, Directors and faculty to insure all requests are approved or denied in a time sensitive manner

6: work with Fringe Festival Director to reserve rooms for all Fringe Festival activities by:

A: Reserving spaces through the Loft Coordinator

B: Reserving spaces through the Production Coordinator.

7: Monitor the rehearsal process of all productions.  This includes previewing productions intermittently to insure a clean and fair process for each production.  Will report to the Board any problems with production, including poor progress towards a quality production

8: During Fringe Festival Liaisons will be expected to run house management for their spaces and enforce the performance schedule

Paragraph 7: The Head Technician will be selected by the President and the Technical Director of Theatre and Dance:

1: Make sure that every show has a Stage Manager

2: advise President on hiring and placement of technicians

3: insure that all technicians are and perform at the highest professional quality

4: insure the Fringe Festival Contract is fulfilled. This includes fully preparing all spaces by the start of the technical rehearsal week

5: be present in the building for the technical rehearsal week and the Festival weekend to address problems and emergencies

6:oversee the attainment and delivery of properties and scenery elements.  This includes collecting the props and scenery requests from the Festival Liason, scheduling the director’s visit to the CU Theatre and Dance storage facility, scheduling the delivery of props and scenery by the start of the technical rehearsal week

7: building, with the Fringe Festival Director, the Technical rehearsal Schedule, beginning one week before opening

Paragraph 8: The Treasurer will:

1: write the annual grant to the SGFB and SOFO

2: determine and balance the annual budget

3: will maintain a spreadsheet of ALL financial dealings of CU-OnStage

4: For Fall Semester Treasurer will be precious President and in the Spring Semester will be the President

Paragraph 9: The Public Relations and Marketing Director will be responsible for promoting CU-OnStage and its activities by delivering information to our community. An assistant or co director may be elected depending upon need and board vote. The Public Relations and Marketing Director responsibilities will be:

1: update the CU-OnStage Callboard every three weeks

2: work with the Fringe Festival Coordinator to release and distribute the Proposal Packet Info.

3: contact media for events

4: post events to Website Calendars

5: take and publish (via the CU Theatre and Dance PR Website) Archival photos for all events

6: coordinate Flash Mob Performances for the weeks leading up to Fringe Festival

7: work with Marketing Director to produce and distribute CU-OnStage T-Shirts

8: maintain the CU Theatre and Dance Poster archive in the first floor elevator entrance

9: work with the Secretary in order to produce an email contact list for all grad, faculty, administrators and advisors in all the disciplines of art on the University of Colorado at Boulder Campus

10: Compile a complete contact list for Art Community members outside of UCB including, but not limited to: High Schools, Universities, local businesses and media connections

11: Write the Press Release for Fringe Festival, Swing Dance, and CU-OnStage Arts Mixer

1: manage Facebook and Twitter page

2: write and send emails to the appropriate Public Relations email lists

3: provide the Volunteer Coordinator with, chalk, posters, tape, tacks, information material and any other materials for volunteer promotions

4: obtain the master design for Fringe as well as design all advertising campaign materials for the year

5: Print and Distribute for Fringe Festival

A: Postcards with graphics and schedule

B: Large and small format posters including schedule of events when appropriate

C: Master Program

6:Print and Distribute for other activities:

A: Small Format Posters

B: Postcards

Article 4

Section 1: The Board will have the power of any exercise, action, or termination by a majority vote. The voting process will commence as follows:

1: Any voting member of the Board may call an item to vote during an official CU-OnStage Meeting.  A vote will be called as a motion.

2: An additional Board Member must second the motion.

b: At this time any member of the Board may motion for further deliberation

c: A Board Member must second the motion to deliberate, at which point they may deliver arguments, evidence, or any other material pertaining to the vote.

d: The President may end deliberation at any time. The President’s motion to end deliberation must be seconded and favored by a majority of the board by a show of hands.

3: The President will decide if the motion will pass with a ¾ or majority vote.

4: The Vice President will approve the President’s decision by calling the Board to vote.

5: Board members will vote by a raise of hands. Board members shall not be asked to leave the room for a vote.  If anonymity is required, all Board Members will turn away from the table while casting their votes

6: The Secretary or, if absent, the Vice President will count the raised hands of “All in favor” and “All against”.  The Secretary will then announce the decision of the Board and record it in the notes.

Section 2: The President may begin meetings only at or after the announced time.  The President will have the power to motion an end to meetings, favored by a majority vote.

Article 5

Section 1: CU-OnStage currently receives funding through the Student Group Funding Board.  CU-OnStage has access to its funding through the Student Organization Finances Office the following officers will be signers on the CU-OnStage Account:

1: The President

2: The Treasurer

3: The Public Relations Director

Section 2: The finances of CU-OnStage will be monitored by the Treasurer who has executive say over all immediate costs to the organization.  The President may overrule the Treasurer with the support of the Vice President in immediate situations.

1: Immediate situations are here by defined as any decision that must take place before the next CU-OnStage Board meeting.

Section 3: The Board will have complete power over finances by a majority vote on all items.

Section 4: CU-OnStage will draw funding for its scholarship program through fundraising.  Scholarship awards will not be drawn from SGFB Funding.

Section 5:  SGFB Funding may only be used to sponsor workshops, guest artists, master classes, revenue generating fundraiser events, Fringe Festival, and student projects.

Section 6: CU-OnStage will abide by all the rules, policies and mandates of the Student Organization Finances Office.

Section 7: For Hire Pay must be approved by a ¾ vote of the Board.  CU-OnStage will operate as a non-profit. CU-OnStage will not pay students for their work, services, or contributions to CU-OnStage. CU-OnStage will always offer positions, services, and contribution opportunities to students first.

Section 7b: Section VII will be mandated except in the event that there are valid safety, financial, or sustainability risks. Risks will be deemed valid by a ¾ Board vote.

Article 6

Section 1: Amendments to the Constitution may be made at any time through a ¾ vote

Article 7

Section 1: Fringe Festival will be held at the end of each Academic Year. Season CU-Onstage will:

1: fund and support the production of Fringe Festival within its resources

2: work to promote a diverse and inter-disciplinary Fringe Festival to the best of its abilities

3: advertise, accept and bring to vote Project Proposal Packets to and from any student enrolled at the University of Colorado at Boulder

4: accept proposals from University of Colorado at Boulder Faculty that utilizes students in the production

5: insure a quality festival, maintaining the right to pull a project from production at any time given a majority vote of the Board

Section 4: Fringe Festival will

1: take place at the CU-Theatre and Dance building acquired, through contract, with the CU Theatre and Dance Faculty. Fringe Festival will be produced in accordance to all CU Theatre and Dance Policies.

2: not discriminate in any way towards any characteristics of the human condition that do not threaten the safety or well being of others.

3: hold a meeting of all Directors, CU-OnStage Officers, Faculty Technical Director, Department Chair, and CU-OnStage faculty sponsor to address questions and sign the Fringe Festival Contract and Constitution

Section 5: Directors of Fringe Festival productions will:

1: submit a completed, President approved, Proposal Packet to CU-Onstage

A: Incomplete proposals will not be considered

2: submit at least a sample script, score or design along with their proposal

A: must submit a completed script, score, or design three weeks in advance of Fringe Festival

B. Make sure that at least 1 proposal for each of the traditional fringe shows is submitted

3: will attend any interviews and meetings the Board requires of them

4: will abide by all CU-OnStage, University, Local, State, and Federal Laws, Policies and Mandates.  Commitment to this statement will be legally sealed with a signature at the bottom of a copy of the CU-OnStage constitution, notarized by the Secretary

4: commit to producing their project for Fringe Festival upon agreeing to their budget with the Treasurer and signing the agreement with CU-OnStage

5: at any time, be able to petition the board to be removed from Fringe Festival.  An Officer of CU-OnStage may petition on behalf of a Director. Any project pulled from production without a petition will qualify a lifetime ban from management positions within CU-OnStage for the directors of said project

6: approve all scenery, props and costumes with a CU-OnStage approved Liaisons

7: treat all their performers, technicians, CU-OnStage members, University Faculty and audiences with respect towards all characteristics of the human condition which do not threaten the safety and well being of others

8: not allow their projects to exceed the time limit approved by CU-OnStage

9: not request money from their cast, crew, University faculty, Stage Managers, or audiences

A: directors may request their performers to purchase certain props or costumes.  This request must be made prior to the performer’s casting.

10: print the CU-OnStage logo as the producing partner on all promotional media

11: enforce Article II, Section 5

12: must inform CU-OnStage if their production is for mature audiences only, prior to releasing the Press Release

Section 6: Festival Performers will

1: abide by all guidelines set out by the BFA of Acting and BFA of Dance at CU Theatre and Dance.

“This code is not a superstition, nor a dogma, nor a ritual which is enforced  by tribunals; it is an attitude toward your vocation, your fellow workers, your audiences and yourself. It is a kind of self-discipline which does not rob you of your invaluable individualism”

A.  I shall never miss a performance.

B. I shall play every performance with energy, enthusiasm and to the best of my ability regardless of size of audience, personal illness, bad weather, accident, or even death in my family.

C. I shall forego all social activities which interfere with rehearsals or any other scheduled work at the theatre, and I shall always be on time.

D. I shall never make a curtain late by my failure to be ready on time.

E. I shall never miss an entrance.

F. I shall never leave the theatre building  or the stage area until I have completed  my  performance, unless I am specifically  excused  by the stage manager; curtain calls are a part of the show.

G. I shall not let the comments of friends, relatives or critics change any phase of my work without proper consultation; I shall not change lines, business, lights, properties, setting or costumes or any phase of the production without consultation with and permission of my director or producer or their agents, and I shall inform all people concerned.

H. I shall forego the gratification of my ego for the demands of the play.

I. I shall remember my business is to create illusion; therefore, I shall not break the illusion  by  appearing  in  costume and  makeup  off-stage or outside the theatre.

J. I shall accept my director’s and producer’s advice and counsel in the spirit in which it is given, for they can  see the production as a whole and my work from the front.Revised 12-2008

K. I shall never “put on an act” while viewing other artists’ work as a member of an  audience, nor shall I make caustic criticism from jealousy  or for the sake of being smart.

L. I shall respect the play and the playwright and, remembering that “a work of art is not a work of art until it is finished,” I shall not condemn a play while it is in rehearsal.

M. I shall not spread  rumor or gossip  which  is malicious and  tends to  reflect discredit on my  show, the theatre, or any personnel connected with them – either to people inside or outside the group.

N. Since I respect the theatre in  which  I work, I shall do  my  best to  keep  it looking clean, orderly and attractive regardless of whether I am specifically assigned to such work or not.

O. I shall handle stage properties and costumes with care for I know they are part of the tools of my trade and are a vital part of the physical production.

P. I shall follow rules of courtesy, deportment and common decency applicable in  all walks of life (and  especially  in  a business in  close contact with  the public) when I am in the theatre, and I shall observe the rules and regulations of any specific theatre where I work.

Q. I shall never lose my enthusiasm for theatre because of disappointments.

2: petition the Liaisons in order to leave a production.  An officer may petition on behalf of a performer. Any performer who leaves a production without petition, will qualify for a lifetime ban from all CU-OnStage activities.

3: CU-OnStage and Directors reserve the right to fire a performer at any time

Section 6: Festival Technicians will:

1: be hired by the President, Head Technician and Faculty Technical Director

2: have their pay negotiated by the CU Theatre and Dance Technical Director and the CU-OnStage President and Treasurer, conscious that it is not CU-OnStage’s policy to pay students for their services

3: technicians will full-fill the requirements outlined in the Fringe Festival Contract. Technicians will be paid after a final discussion between the Head Technician, CU T&D Technical Director, CU-OnStage President and Fringe Festival Coordinator.

4: attend their scheduled Technical Rehearsals and have their technical work completed by Fringe Festival Opening Night

5: meet with their director as required and complete all requests of the director within their technical capacity

6: organize their attendance so that there is at least one technician in addition to the Head Technician available during the Festival Weekend. All other technicians will be on-call for the weekend and within an hours travel distance

7: enforce Article II, Section 5


Section 1: For the 2014-2015 Academic Year:

1: CU-OnStage will be hosted by the CU Theatre and Dance Department

A: Meetings will take place in the Design Studio

2: CU-OnStage Board meetings will commence at 5:00pm and end at 6:00pm on Fridays beginning August 26, 2014 and ending May 25, 2015

4: Keilani Fuqua will preside as President of CU-Onstage for the 2014-2015  Academic Season and serve as an advisor for the next CU Onstage President for the 2015-2016 Academic Season

A: ______________ will preside as Presidential and Treasury Advisor

B: ______________ will preside as Vice President

5: Beginning in September of 2014, each officer will receive a Position Binder which will include:

A: A copy of the CU-OnStage Constitution, to be signed by all 2014/15 Officers

B: All information from previous years pertaining to the responsibilities of that office including: contacts, account passwords, media, receipts, budgets, etc.

C: A Copy of the Annual Budget

6: In May of 2015, and for the end of all future Academic years, Officers will be required to place and organize in their Position Binder:

1: All receipts and Budgets of their year

2: Copies of all new material produced that year

3: All contacts compiled from that year

4: Any material that may be advantageous to the next office holder

7: Position Binders will be distributed by the President at the Beginning of the Year and Collected by the newly elected President at the end of the academic year.

8: Fringe Festival for the 2014-2015 Academic Year will occur April 27-29, 2015

9: The CU-OnStage Constitution must be approved by all Officers at the beginning of the Academic Year.

[i] Will need to add all handbook titles.





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