Why is this baby so happy?!

Why is this baby so happy?!

Why are receiving reports from around the world today that at approximately 5:06 Mountain Time last Friday over 90% of babies were suddenly overcome by a fit of giggles and a general since of well being.  We can only conclude that this was a positive reaction to the first OnStage meeting of the year.

…or because an angel, somewhere, farted…

Either way. Thank you to the tidal wave of new OnStage Board Members! And meetings are still open to any and all! Click here for the informal minutes of last meeting.

Remember: for those wishing to run for office: Read the detailed position outlines in the constitution (Click here for the Constitution) and email danielcorleonard@gmail.com before Friday to declare your candacy!

Remember too: We are not looking for experience! This is first and foremost an educational opportunity. And we (the executive officers) will make CERTAIN all our officers succeed. And if they don’t…we’ll take the blame and chalk it up to a learning experience!

Click here for this week’s agenda