We Are Prepared

We know, we know, we know. Nobodywants to think about going back to school. But here at CU-OnStage, we believe in being prepared. No one supports the Boy Scout code more than we do (except the Boy Scouts…and some other people) and so we are filling out backpacks, packing the beef jerky, and pulling on a pair of garish-green knee-high-socks.

So don’t forget!

  • Our first meeting will be the FIRST FRIDAY of classes, and we’ve got ourselves a full agenda.
  • We will be electing the rest of our officers within the first three meetings, so take a look at our constitution and see what might interest you! (Candidates do NOT need to be members of the Boy Scouts of America (however kerchiefs and khakis are encouraged (that’s a joke, don’t show up wearing a kerchief and khakis, you will be teased (CU-OnStage is supportive of all peoples:that includes kerchief, khaki wearing ones))))
  • Auditions for CU-Theatre and Dance fall productions are the weekend BEFORE CLASSES START. Click here to see more info.
  • If you would like us to come speak at your orientation, or first group meeting in order to get your community involved with CU-OnStage, email danielcorleonard@gmail.com
  • If you have workshop, guest artist, or Project proposals for the fall, use the links above to turn in your applications!